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Whale watching santa cruz best time

whale watching santa cruz best time
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Whale watching santa cruz

Join us in our Santa Cruz and Monterey Vail travel and see the marine life and their tour “The sea itself.” speed boat ride and our 60 luxury charter boat. Monterey Bay experience like never before! Winter or summer, we will take you to the heart of the land of the Pope we see beautiful animals, and more!

Pope Santa Cruz has seven species of whales and dolphins and porpoises seven different throughout the year. Humpback whales are usually found in Santa Cruz, seen especially from April to November. Then, during the months of December to April, the waters of more than 20,000 gray whales penetrate our Monterey Bay. Seals, sea lions, otters and nearly a hundred species of sea birds, both migratory and native birds such as; Even frozen turtles, sunfish (Mola mola) and sharks are sometimes visible on the surface. Our boat speed quickly and safely take guests where these animals come from the coast of Monterey, Moss Landing and north.

whale watching santa cruz

Whale watching santa cruz from shore

Pope’s public appearances of humpback whale in Monterey Bay visible, usually from April to November Monterey Bay Whale Watch, this means that from December to April, you will see gray whales; Body of more than 20,000 gray whales we enter Santa Cruz, Monterey Bay.

Stagnaro family serves Bay and the Santa Cruz County for over a century, when the patriarch Italy Cottardo Stagnaro settled in Santa Cruz in 1879 by Ocean Adventure thousands of people every year. Better presentation of Monterey Bay Whale Watch cruise interested parties in a luxury charter boat. Even watching the first Bay terminal by itself is not my cup of tea Stagnaro bridge assured everyone: Peace Sanctuary good cruise, dolphin and sea life, excursions Cruises. Sunset boat, San Francisco and even trips a day. Private groups offsite All tours are fully narrated and understanding, participation and education with the crew. Enjoy with style Stagnaro Charter rays and we guarantee that you will be happy with the experience and the exceptional service provided by the crew.

whale watching santa cruz yelp

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