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Top bass fishing lures of all time

top bass fishing lures 2014
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Top bass fishing lures

  1. Bass Fishing Largemounth using natural bait / Natural Bait in the morning.

On the morning of Largemo uth Bass fish used to swim in the water.

Feed which can be used for natural bait are frogs, toads, pellets, worms, small fish live / dead, and others use floats fishing rod rather large for live bait or lures large.

top bass fishing lures

for dead bait / lures are small, can use smaller buoys.

  1. Largemouth Bass Fishing using artificial bait / Lure in the morning.

Largemouth Bass fishing using artificial bait or Lure certainly more effective than using natural bait or Natural Bait.

top bass fishing lures 2016

Therefore, Largemouth Bass fish is a fish territorial / regional angry when disturbed.

Lure Top Water movement must be very annoying and trigger fish Largemouth Bass to prey on artificial bait surface.

Snapper fishing for Big Mouth coming from North America and overflow in one of them on Lake Mead or Lake Mead this morning is the artificial bait that is played on the surface.

Examples of the bait is: Popper / Chugger / Splasher, Popper Swimmer, Pencil Popper, Stickbait, Hard Plastic Froggy, Froggy Soft Plastic, Clawler, Creeper, Globe, Propbait, and others.

How to play bait suitable surface is gently pull or withdrawn while disentak. Feeds suitable for use for Casting Lure Large Mouth Bass is 3-7 cm for medium-sized fish and 10-15 cm for large fish *.

Largemouth Bass fish can actually prey on natural bait and artificial bait measuring what goes into a big mouth.

Figure 1.2: A big fish Largemouth Bass hooked and caught.

  1. How Largemouth Bass fishing during the day with natural bait / Natural Bait.

Bait for fishing snapper Big Mouth during the day is the same as bait for fishing this morning.

However, the fish Largemouth Bass in the bottom of the water so that the bait should be applied ballast at the bottom or the top or the middle.

  1. How Largemouth Bass fishing during the day with artificial bait / Lure.

Artificial bait / Lure suitable for snapper fish Lure Big Mouth is diving in depths like a crankbait, Minnow, Spoon, and others.

Top bass fishing lures 2016

  1. How Largemouth Bass fishing at dusk with natural bait / Natural Bait.

Natural bait fishing for snapper lures Big Mouth is anything that can be eaten this fish, the bait is not in the form of plant origin.

How is to use a lure or bait float mid-because in the afternoon the fish Largemouth Bass back on the surface as in the morning.

  1. How Largemouth Bass fishing in the afternoon with artificial bait / Lure.

Good artificial bait for the fish Bass in the afternoon are surface lures or bait that dives in the mid / few centimeters from the surface.

  1. The size of the fish Largemouth Bass.

Length of fish Largemouth Bass biggest is 100 cm.

Whereas, for the heaviest fish is 12 kg.

  1. The world record Largemouth Bass fish.

The world record Largemouth Bass fish is weighing 10 kg, 2 ounces of using fish Bluegill Sunfish live.

  1. The process of breed fish Large Mouth Bass.

Developing the process of snapper fish-breeding Big Mouth is: Males and females will make a nest to lay eggs.

Then pull out the female fish eggs and fertilized with sperm by the male fish.

After that, usually the male fish will chase away the female fish from the nest (for the female fish will usually take back eggs that have been fertilized), and then protects the eggs from the enemy, so that other predators are reluctant to approach him.

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