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Soft plastic fishing lures manufacturers

custom soft plastic fishing lures
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Soft plastic fishing lures

In the past we’ve ever put on live bait (live stanza) such as fly fishing, fishing song, squid or nus, even shrimp.

Live bait must be purchased in the fresh state and only then if the market, even the shrimp meat is often present in seawater, so the artificial bait (artificial lure) Our preferred than live bait reasons:

soft plastic fishing lures

reduction in the use of live bait is scarce which can reduce certain species into the natural prey of predatory fish such as flying fish or fish songs that are low in the food chain. (This would contribute to solving one of the problems of the marine environment, because natural prey fish runs above or other species will go extinct)

speed when installing and catch fish during a fishing any time of release when receiving small fish. we do not have to sew live bait for this reason. Also artificial baits to reduce the time to install and remove the hooks are related to the death of fish in a lot of research.

soft plastic fishing lures uk

reduce fishing mortality from the teaser, most fish mortality due to swallowing a camouflaged hook in the bait and partly by handling stress and damage as a result of removing the hooks that swallowed even the stomach and the throat.

Soft plastic fishing lure molds for sale

cheaper, because it can be used repeatedly and you do not have to buy fresh bait. And you also can create your own feeds as you want.

In the market there are many types of artificial bait fish, all prepared in different ways, but the same principle that resemble prey to predator fish, but sometimes engineered for territorial fish harass, harass curiosity, harass aggression. So the bait made to look like prey are dying, injured, or fast moving fish.

Jig is berpemberat hook to the head lead opposite which has a sharp tip. They often form small fish, shrimp, snails, slugs or even worms to entice the fish.

Floating bait and prey resemble those on the water. They can make a loud noise coming from the sunken head, voice bubbles of “fins side” or a spoon or commotion buzzing from one or several propellers. Some only have any effect motion fishermen through the stick itself, even if skillfully used, they can be very effective.

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