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Great fishing tackle catalogs of the golden age

bass fishing tackle catalogs
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Fishing tackle catalogs

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For over five decades, fishermen have equated the name Acme with quality in metal fishing lures; quality of design, components and finish. Our motto “designed to catch fish, not fishermen” is as true today as when our company was started by Art Lavallee in 1952. All Acme lures are extensively field-tested by expert fishermen. When we recommend a specific lure for trout, bass, pike or walleye, it will catch them.

As fishermen, we realize a lure must not only cause fish to strike, it must also be able to hook and hold ‘em. We use the finest stainless steel split rings and top-quality hooks that strike deep and hold fast.

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Acme’s plated and painted finishes are unsurpassed. Our jewelry-quality gold, nickel, chrome and copper plating produce top flash attraction and our baked-on painted finishes lure lunkers trip after trip.

Fishing tackle catalog download

Lead Molds for Jigs, Spinner Baits, Sinkers and more

Lead Molding Accessories

Blades for Spinner Baits and Buzz Baits

Skirts and Skirt Making Materials

Wire Forms

Fishing Hooks

Lure Hardware

Lure Paint, Lure Eyes and Lure Tape

Molded Lead Heads

Bulk Soft Plastic Lures

Name Brand Soft Plastic Lures

Painted and Unpainted Crankbait Bodies

Supplies to make Plastic Worms

Rod Blanks

Rod Building Materials

Fly Tying Materials and Tools

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bass fishing tackle catalogs
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