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Carp fishing rods and reels

carp fishing rod holders
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Carp fishing rods

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day Teach a man to fish and you feed him for life. Chinese proverb

Fishing is difficult if you do not know the techniques to be used. The fish were not caught simply by holding the rod with a bunch of worms attached to the end. Actually, anyone of us can catch a fish, but the real pleasure is to catch fish every time you go fishing. There are a number of factors that fishing rules. This may include the location, bait used, the type of fish, etc. Let’s look at a little fishing tip and tricks relating to certain fish.

carp fishing rods

Catfish live in the lake muddy and murky and love live bait. Minnows and worms create some of the best baits that can be used for catfish. Minnows usually found in the same lake where the catfish are found. Decoys are used also depends on the size of fish you want to catch catfish. Small prawns oysters soaked overnight in oil can be used for small catfish. Make sure that you change the feed after every ten minutes for catfish like fresh bait. The best time to catch catfish dusk, because during the day they live deep in the lake. Spring and autumn are the best seasons for fishing catfish, while in summer and winter, catfish fishing is almost impossible.

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Carp fishing can be very attractive because they can suck and blow feed in a split second. Make sure you have gathered information about the geographical features of the lake or river where you will catch carp. Before starting the carp fishing, the first look and try to find carp. During the summer and winter you can use boilies as bait. A large variety of baits can be used to catch fish. Add salt and spices to feed, because of the carps love. Nonsense fishing usually takes a lot of time and you need a lot of patience.

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Fish walleye is challenging even for the experts. The fish can eat the bait without getting stuck to the hook. Walleyes usually stay under water and they eat when its cloudy. Walleye fishing is interesting because you can use a number of tips and tricks for catching walleye. Crankbaits are the favorite bait used for walleyes. Trolling and bait bouncing can bring success while walleye fishing.

Although there are a number of ways to catch pike, the best way is to keep a simple method. Spear found in almost all freshwater bodies. During the day is the best time for fishing spear. It has been observed that the spear like to play with the bait used. They are voracious eaters and therefore, you will need a lot of bait while fishing spear. Use minnows as bait to catch pike.

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